In January of each year all citizens must list Personal Property and changes to Real Property.

Real property is permanently listed. You only have to list changes that were made in 2019. If you are a new owner, you should get a listing form in the mail. If you have listed personal property or pets in the past, you should get a listing form in the mail. If you do not receive a listing form, and you need to list, you can print one here on our website or call the Tax Office for assistance- 336-342-8305. You can also list in person at the Tax office.

If you have made no changes in your real property, and you do not have pets or personal property you need to list, then you do not need a listing form.

If you are administering an estate of a deceased taxpayer who died in 2019, you need to contact the Tax Office if you do not receive a Listing Form in the new owner or owner’s name(s).

If you receive an exemption, deferment or exclusion, and you need to inform the Tax Office of changes in the status of the property, you need to contact the Tax Office, if you do not receive a Listing Form.

January is the time to apply for most of the property tax exemptions, exclusions and deferments available. Call or check our website pages for more information. 

You may wonder why we do not send listing forms to everyone in the County. The price of postage and printing, and time involved is prohibitive. We have approximately 53,620 parcels in Rockingham County! We save thousands of postage and printing dollars by mailing listing forms only to new owners and those who have listed Personal Property in 2019.

Each year we advertise the need to list for property taxes. Not receiving a form in the mail is not a valid reason that will excuse you from listing Personal Property or improvements and/or changes you have made to your Real Property.

We also sent an orange postcard to property owners who may not have received a listing form with information on what property is required to be listed.

New for 2020 - ONLINE PP Listing:

Do you need to list a change to your real estate or add boats, motors, unregistered motor vehicles or permanently tagged trailers?

Even if you do not receive a listing form (for instance, if you have not listed personal property in the past) you can call us and we can give you your account number and a listing number so you can list online. 

This would only apply if you have real property in Rockingham County. If you do not own real property or did not receive a listing form for your personal property in the mail or by email-you have to use a paper form this year. 

If you have any questions not answered on our website call 336-342-8305 for more information.

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