Each year the Tax Department makes courtesy calls to remind taxpayers who may have outstanding tax bills. 

Since we mail bills in July, this serves as a reminder to pay before the bills go delinquent after January 5, 2021-and interest starts.

This year we are calling earlier than usual. We will be making calls the week of November 30th.

With the challenges of COVID-19 - we want you to avoid long delays if you wait until the last few days to pay.

This call also reminds everyone about the listing season approaching in January.

Here is what the call will say:

"Hello. This is a courtesy call from the Rockingham County Tax Administration office. If you have not paid your annual 2020 property tax bill yet, please do so as soon as possible. They will become past due and subject to forced collections on January 6th, 2021. Also, due to the challenges caused COVID-19, we do expect to be extremely busy towards the end of December and the beginning of January. Therefore, from December 21st through January 5th (excluding weekends and holidays) we will be staying open until 6pm to give our taxpayers more time to come pay. You also have the option to pay your tax bill online or over the phone if you wish to avoid the possibly long wait times to come pay in-person. Please do not forget to list your Personal Property, and any changes to Real Property, during the January 2021 Listing Period. And, if you do wish to come pay or list in person, please note that face masks are required to be worn at all times and we will be limiting the number of people that come into the building at one time. If you are under tax appeal, payment agreement or bankruptcy please disregard this message. Thank you!"


336-342-8305 will be the caller id number. 

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