Each year in December we sent out an automated courtesy call to some taxpayers who had not paid their annual 2021 tax bill.

Since we mail the bills in July, we wanted to give everyone a friendly reminder before the tax bill became overdue and interest began to accrue.

We also wanted to include a reminder to list personal property, pets and changes to real property in January, as required by the North Carolina General Statutes. 

We only send Listing Forms to businesses in our records, new owners of real estate, some who receive certain exclusions and anyone who listed personal property or pets the previous year. A Listing Form can be downloaded from our website (http://www.ustaxdata.com/rocktaxsite/ ), obtained in our office or requested by telephone (336-342-8305).

If you get a call, and you have paid your taxes, please disregard the call. We compile the list several days prior to the call and we know some will have paid their taxes by the time they receive the call.

The automated calls will be made only from 8:30 am through 6:30 pm.

336-342-8305 will be the caller ID return number. 

This is what you will here:

"This is a courtesy call from the Rockingham County Tax Administration office. If you have not paid your annual 2021 property tax bill, it will become past due after January 5th, 2022. Don't forget to list Personal Property, and any changes to Real Property, during the January 2022 Listing Period. To avoid the last minute crowds, rush and long wait times, you may wish to pay now. If you are under tax appeal, have a payment agreement or protected by bankruptcy please disregard this message. Thank you. ”


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